Our kids are already set up for failure from the moment they are born. Prove me wrong!

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by Amitha Singh on Thursday, February 7, 2013


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Children have always been my passion so naturally when I got to know about The Goa Project, I said to myself it is time to give in to my passion! So here's my suggested session to save our kids...

I feel we are just not doing enough to give our children the chance to succeed in life. And by succeed; I am not talking about making top grades, loads of money and driving around in a Ferrari by age 24. I hope to share my story on why I strongly feel that our kids are set up for failure from the moment they are born and more importantly I hope to leave the audience with the thought that we can do something about it. My story will be based both on my personal experiences as a child and a parent as well as borrowed stories from friends, family and society.


Let us assume the following as facts- Fact – Most parents are pushed into the deep end and swim for survival from the moment they become a parent.

Fact – Children are just experiments, most going completely wrong, some going ok.

Fact – We work hard from an early age to acquire the skills to succeed in our professional lives. We continue to work harder to hone these skills and acquire newer skills if necessary to ensure continued professional success.

Fact – Every parent will tell an expectant parent not to worry and that though things will change dramatically once their child is born, they will know what to do when they become parents.

Our children are set up to fail from the moment they are born. Any wonder why counselling is one of the most lucrative career choices of today? (No offence to counsellors – I wouldn’t be here if not for them)


Questions to ask yourself before you join the session

How is society's current outlook changing the nuances of parenting? Are all children just experiments, some going right and some going completely wrong?

Am I a good parent? Is my partner a good parent? Is my sibling a good parent? Are my parents good parents?

Will my child grow up to be in therapy all her/his life?

Will things change if Parenting skills are learnt/taught before one actually becomes a parent? How dramatically will things change?

Does it really take a village to bring up a child?

Speaker bio

My Twitter profile reads - My passions: daughter. writing. travel. children. stories. reading. poetry. india. people. marketing. communication. branding. driving. cooking. life .

This sums up who I am (or who I have been) - http://amithasingh.blogspot.in/2012/03/my-life-is-my-inspiration.html

You can find me on amithasingh.blogspot.com twitter.com/amithasingh www.linkedin.com/in/amithasingh