God and Zero

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by Anurag Jain on Saturday, February 9, 2013


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Technical level


Keywords: God, Zero, Discipline, Sinusoidal Wave. If you find these words collectively completely unrelated, I will connect them and help you realize that God may or may not be there in everything around us but Godliness does and explains us the objective for doing anything we do!


Godliness-that I am going to describe is at three levels a) Spiritual sense b) How universe goes about doing its business and its existence c) Our day to day activities as simple as driving an automobile. The whole world and the phenomena within follow a cyclical phenomenon while we seek permanence in everything we do. Permanence is godlike or can be termed as Godliness. But can we achieve Godliness on earth? Have you ever said “Feels like heaven” to yourself? Is that Godliness? Is Godliness on earth different from the spiritual Godliness? Which one should one aspire for? The whole arrangement of God, Nature, Human Beings, Success, Failure tells us that the state of zero is what is required of us. The state of zero which is the state of being disciplined bears great rewards and If we deviate then we pay. Discipline is good, deviation is bad. What is discipline, how do you define discipline? Is zero discipline? What do we achieve when we become disciplined? I am sailing in these questions and their answers and want you to sail along.



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Innovator. Strategist. Spiritual. Have worked across domains like Retail, FMCG, Technology, Digital, Banking and Finance. Works to improve quality of every individual’s life through commerce and spirituality.