Football Freestyle Performance and Workshops

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by Pradeep Ramesh on Saturday, February 9, 2013

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As the Goa Project is about bringing all the art forms on one stage,I from my side have the responsibility to show to the world a new art form-Freestyle Football. The people attending it shall witness something never-seen-before and have the oppurtunity to meet and learn more about this art form.They will get a hands on experience by trying out a few tricks themselves.The kids can know more of this art and can take sessions from the Indian Champion himself


The Freestyle Football session will start by a demo by the Indian Freestyle Football Champion,Pradeep.As he performs his mesmerising skills,the aim is to attract as many people to the stall. Now that the people have gathered,there will be a small sppech about what freestyle football is about and then workshops start. People can get a hands on experience by learning tricks then and there from Pradeep.The kids will also have some fun filled games that I design with Freestyle Football.They would learn the tricks and that not all. They get to subscribe to my website tutorials that can be watchd from anywhere and which helps them learn the art better.


The participants can just walk in to the session expecting the unexpected.

Speaker bio

Because I am the Indian Champion at what I do and there is no better person to do this job than me as I spend my life training to be the world champion one day. I also have a sweet tone of voice,an appealing personality and a excellent smooth accent of english to communicate effectively.