Bitcoins: The currency of the future?

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by Ankesh Kothari on Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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Technical level


Give an overview to people about what bitcoins is (a de-centralized, entrepeneur friendly, anti-inflationary digital currency). Show them the easiest way to get started with bitcoins. Then open up for discussions and Q&A.


What torrents was to Napster and music sharing, bitcoins is to currencies. It decentralizes currency so that no government can print money at their own whim. Its anti-inflationary (only 21 million bitcoins will ever be generated). And is backed by math and electricity.

Its the best way to send money across borders with (optional) transaction fees of about Rs2. It is entrepreneurial friendly as there can be no forced charge backs. In essence it allows you to be your own bank.

Its gained a lot of mainstream press in USA, with Wired and NY Times writing about it. The market cap of bitcoins is over $200 million now and it shows a hockey stick growth rate. Its not too widely adopted in India yet however. So would love to talk about it and educate an elite audience base.

Speaker bio

Ankesh Kothari got into bitcoins in August of 2012 and bought his first bitcoin when it was $9 (today it is over $24). He loves talking about bitcoins and spreading the word about a revolutionary anti-inflationary currency.


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