The mental states of running a startup - How to protect your happiness

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by karthik nandyal on Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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As a founder of a startup, and from discussing and mentoring other startups, a pattern seems to emerge - the ravages to the mental well being because of running a startup seem to be common across the board. The startups may be different, but the anxiety, depression, the occasional glee that founders go through seem to be similar. Once we can label these stages / states of mental states, the awareness becomes useful to consciously control negative feelings which damage the health of the startup and worse, the founder.

I propose to address this frankly with a hope that the founders know what to anticipate and create moments of joy and satisfaction, intentionally.


I want to walk through the various stages of the mental landscape that a founder will run into. I want to start with the initial burst of the idea, the joy when the company is formed, the frustration of the first employee leaving, constantly being out of depth, the small moments of happiness, etc.

The idea is to be useful to the other startup founders.


None. Having founded a company would be nice to have.

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    [-] Lakshmi Rebecca 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    This could be a panel discussion too, so we can have perspectives from a range of entrepreneurs. I think that would enrich the experience for the audience.

    It would also be good to touch upon the need for solid team mates and fun in the office.

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    [-] Vijay Anand 6 years ago


    We have confirmed the session, but would like for it to be a lightning talk which means you have 5-6 means for the talk. Confirm if you accept. We will be more than happy to help you sharpen the talk. Just reach out to us.

    Good luck and look forward to your talk.


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