Getting Dollars from the Crowd: Leveraging communities for funding and resources

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by Satish Kataria on Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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Technical level


To enable participants to engage communities and use new-age tools of 'Crowd Funding' - for funding their projects in movies, music and performing arts.

Internationally, Crowdfunding 'has' become the tool in the hands of millions of creative zealots to fund their ventures. The objective here is to deliberate on some successful case-studies and help them arrive at crowd-funding strategies for their own projects.


Crowdfunding today is USD 6 Billion dollar opportunity, empowering thousands of start-ups and creative people to actively engage their communities and seek their participation in enabling their projects. Just last year, more than 18,000 projects across the world found means to make themselves possible - raising USD 300 Million along the way... that too on only One platform!

Crowdfunding is the tool of Gen-Y, challenging the conventional wealth-holders and even large venture capital funds on how they fund new ventures thereby revealing the weaknesses in their models. It puts the power in the hands of people thus enabling the target audience to decide which projects they would want to see.

This Masterclass endeavors to introduce the power of this new tool to the participants- whether they are start-ups or even film-makers. We will be using some case-studies and video presentations to demystify this art - and inspire them to now seek communities to help their dreams come true!


Just open minds!

Speaker bio

I launched Springboard Ventures in 2010 - becoming the first organisation in India to bring the concept of crowd-funding.

I'm now launching my next crowd-funding platform- CATAPOOOLT- that endeavors to have some strong innovations to further strengthen the concept. It already carries the distinction of being the first-ever crowdfunding platform to be officially partnering with the Hong Kong International Film Festival' Financing Forum (HAF)2013 : which is revered as Asia's one of the largest film festivals.


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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago


    There seems to be another session in the Entrepreneurism track, around Crowdfunding as well. Can we merge this with that and make it a panel discussion?

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      [-] Satish Kataria 7 years ago

      Yes Vijay - will be happy to be part of the same and share experiences!

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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

    Can you add your comment there, with a link to this thread. The track manager there will include you in that discussion.

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