10 Super Vocal Exercises for Dummies

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by Ashwini Sriram on Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Session type

Technical level


This session is aimed at aspiring singers and bathroom singers who want to improve their vocal technique overnight. I will demonstrate that it is not hard at all. Practicing these exercises will help you stay in tune, and improve your voice quality.


The session will start off right away with some demonstration of how to take the first step towards improving your voice. Will start off with simple exercises and move towards slightly harder ones. This would require the entire audience's involvement. I will draw inspiration from techniques that are unique to Hindusthani and Carnatic Classical music. Most of them are unheard of (like.. the Markata Thaanam.. where croaking like a frog actually refines your voice!!).


Your voices.

Speaker bio

I have been learning and practicing Carnatic and Hindusthani vocal music for the past 12 years. My teacher (Mrs. T. Padmhasini), who is a research scholar, devised her own vocal techniques based on extensive research and these were taught to us. As a result, these techniques can't be found anywhere else. Additionally, I was a vocalist in my school and college bands and blog about the gurukul system of education.


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    [-] Nilesh Trivedi 7 years ago

    This is awesome!

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    [-] Anand Viswanathan 7 years ago

    This is so cool! Are u guys gonna stream this thing live?

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      [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

      Anand, While we would love to, given that this is a temporary setup, and with multiple parallel tracks, the reliability of internet would be suspect. I would say, you are going to have to be there, or risk missing it :)

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      [-] Ashwini Sriram 7 years ago

      Yeah Anand, why don't you just come? :)

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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

    Ashwini, Wanted to do a quick check. What is the time duration you had in mind for this? 30 mins? 45 mins?

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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

    Session Confirmed.

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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago


    Quick clarification: Is it for Dummies, in which case, we should change the Technical level to Beginners?

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