Independent Film Distribution: A reality check & challenges of kicking the door open by Shiladitya Bora

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by Javeeth Ahmed (proposing) on Friday, February 15, 2013

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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


To talk of the nuances of the distribution of Independent Films. The reality check and how to approach the release of an Independent film from experience.


As part of PVR Director’s Rare Shiladitya has been behind the release of many independent films and will talk about how it was done and the challenges that lay in the future.

Speaker bio

SHILADITYA BORA - Programming Head for PVR Director's Rare, an arm of the multi-crore multiplex chain that in short order began pushing out small-budget indie flicks, with otherwise scant chance of distribution to its theatres.


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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Hi I am the founder of Mango DVM (a company funded by Chennai Angels) with extensive insights (and 5 years of on the ground experience) in to distributing digital content through offline channels, in the piracy infested Indian market.

    I have written an article "The Holy grail of Content on Demand" in Voice and Data magazine" a few years ago.

    I can talk about some innovative and unconventional ideas of using technology to distribute digital content in the Indian mass market for those who cannot afford high speed bandwidth for streaming or high cost LCD TVs for viewing. (The 500 million mobile consumers in the middle and bottom of the pyramid)

    Ramkumar R S

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      [-] Javeeth Ahmed 6 years ago

      Hi Ramkumar, its a very interesting subject that you have mentioned. We love to here more from you about. You can propose one in the funnel so that others might also view it - || Also, kindly register so that we can send further details -

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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Hi Javeeth

    I thought I can add my views to the session on Independent Films Distribution. If you think I should propose a separate session I will do so.

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    [-] Ramkumar RS 6 years ago

    Hi Javeeth

    I have posted a separate session. I have also registered for the event but could not figure out how to pay the event fee. Received an email from Gautham acknowledging the registration and asking for a couple of days to confirm the same.

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