How to Make it in India: The Art of Hustling

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by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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There are two major business factions in India: One believes the old school way of building a business - family is in business and with the safety net, there are new businesses emerging, and then there is the new age version - of professionals turning entrepreneurs and starting from scratch. The way to build a business, probably half-way in-between. That's what the talk is going to be about.


When people talk about hustling, there is a slight hesitation wondering if it has something to do with running a scam. Not so. Early on, you will have to stretch your dollar / ruppee to last you longer, and in the game of entrepreneurship, the ability to last (staying power) is everything.


  1. A sense of business.
  2. Experience in running a business would help contextualize.
  3. If you understand how india works, you'll get the jokes.
  4. an open mind.

Speaker bio

Vijay Anand, is an entrepreneur and heads The Startup Centre ( He has built three startups early on, and currently works with entrepreneurs in building their dream businesses. Before this, Vijay built ( a showcase platform for entrepreneurs and was working at IIT Madras for six years heading the Incubation Centre ( He blogs at and tweets at @vijayanands


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    [-] Lakshmi Rebecca 7 years ago

    Good one. I think the idea of connects and engagement with people in the ecosystem is very important to sustaining an effort.

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