Truth about Pay, Promotion & Opportunity - presented by Institute for Politics at Work

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by Rammohan C B on Friday, February 15, 2013


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Technical level


How can politics at the workplace benefit both the organisation and individual? I offer a business-case to promote politics at the workplace. This empowering frame-of-reference and worldview facilitated during this workshop will help distinguish yourself without compromising on values or jeopardising the organisation! How do you effectively address negativity at the workplace? Do you know the real reasons for the gap between your performance and pay, experience and level etc? Join this interactive workshop to find out!


Session 1 Leveraging the Past Learn 1 hour Session 2 Present Perspective Practice 1 hour Session 3 Playing the Future Strategize 1 hour


An open mind and the ability to share and contribute during the course of the workshop! Notepad and pen will be icing on the cake!

The facilitator will require a projector and two white boards with markers. Given the sensitivities, no audio or video recording of this workshop please.

Speaker bio

As I evolved as a professional, I was stumped by the consistency with which people's work and career got compromised - from unfair performance assessments to structures that promote inequity in pay and opportunities, often leading to job-loss, especially in senior levels. Why do great performers only go so far and people not half their caliber go much further in their career? Why do so many professionals set themselves and their organisation up for failure by betting only on their hard-work and loyalty? Having managed HR for divisions and businesses in various organisations, I have developed a compelling frame-of-reference known as the IPAW Framework and set up the Institute for Politics at Work to manifest in people development and organisation excellence. In a career spanning 18 years in the Government, Civil Society and Market, I have worked with organisations such as the Office of the Commissioner of Customs, Beyond the Rim, MaFoi Randstad, Dell, Alcatel-Lucent and Accenture and am presently the Managing Director and Principal Consultant for Institute for Politics at Work, a leadership consulting and research firm. A national gold medalist in basketball, I holds a master’s degree from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. You can reach me at