Project 2048. An Alternative (Sustainable) Future.

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by Sameer Shisodia on Monday, February 18, 2013


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Technical level


What will 2048 look and feel like? What technologies, skills, social patterns, problems, attitudes, problems and solutions will we see, and need to explore?


We continue "innovating", "creating", "earning" and "consuming" like we've done for the last couple hundred years and a few more. The world's changing too quickly for most of us to come to grips with. Assumptions about growth are incorrect. The idea of money has gone wrong. And so with skills, education, technology, growth and progress.

Where might this head to? And what else can be?


An open mind. Some reading up on the oil economy. A quick read on the monetary systems in vogue.

Speaker bio

For a while now, I've started living with "lesser" - initially as a bootstrapper but now more because I see the issues with the economy and notions of progress all around.

We seriously owe our kids a rethink of many of these, and I've been reading, writing (, debating and connecting many dots on these issues a whole lot. I also ride a cycle/walk/take a bus when I can, buy very little, reuse and encourage the same at home, feel guilty driving a car alone, and am continuously re-evaluating the wastefulness of my lifestyle.

Not sure if I'm the "best" person to speak about this - I can only hope there's many many more who "get it" and will act more than I ever could, or will.