Why I seek all things folk

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by Shree Kant (proposing) on Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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A better understanding of folk music, culture and more. What is being done to preserve the folk music of Punjab at the both sides. More to be put here soon.



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I intended to be a physicist, studied software engineering, wrote an existentialist novel, now want to be a traveler for life and pursue cultural research.

After getting a degree in CS in 2004, I’ve had a successful career in the software industry but, after 4 years, quit my day job for freelancing. I now am a well-known freelance web and mobile developer. It makes me more than enough, so a 9-5 job is a big no-no for me. [Yet, I did accept a 9-5 job about 8 months ago because the offer was just that good to refuse. It's a startup called Jumpshare I'm involved with as CTO.]

I used to be a literary writer, I think. How else can I explain those four books that I penned, one of them being a novelette.

In March 2010, I embarked on a motorcycle tour of Pakistan. That was an exceptional period of my life. See details and pictures at the tour section.

Now a days, I work as research fellow with Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange on a project called Forbidden Love: The Love Legends of Southasia.