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by senthilnayagam on Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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Technical level


2013 has been described as a year of Internet of Devices, with potentially 50billion connected devices by year 2020(Cisco). It is important to generate awareness and get people excited about the new era.

I have started a facebook group for it, for people to discover Internet of things.


I spent last 3 months in US, and was fascinated by seamless adoption of new technologies. Spend my spare time to get to know about internet of things and personally bought few of them and using them,

a) bought OBD2 and GPS tracker and drove 3000miles in US East and West Coast. b) got my DNA analysis done by 23andme c) bought devices for tracking personal fitness and using API's to analyse for me and my family d) getting a few devices built with the help of friends, will like to show case them as well.

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built a technology company from scratch to 150 person company and setup a US office.

I love gadgets , driving, space travel, and want to accelerate the advancement of human race