Distributing Digital Content to the middle and bottom of the pyramid markets

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by Ramkumar RS on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Film & Video

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Technical level


Theatres are limited. Live streaming and Smart TVs can be afforded only by the top 1/5/10% of the population. The cost of (data) delivery is many times more than the cost of the content. Because of this gap, illegal downloading through unauthorized shops is increasing. How can we distribute high quality videos and movies through slow speed networks, enable sharing through viral and social channels and still monetize it from millions of consumers through a small ticket-high volume model?


The session will explore the economics, commercial and technical challenges of distributing HD quality videos and movies in emerging markets such as India and will suggest practical alternatives that combines delivery through mobile 2G/3G, social / viral sharing and mobile payments.


The session will be presented from the perspective of end consumers and independent content creators. (No technical knowledge is required)

Speaker bio

I am the founder of Mango DVM (a company funded by Chennai Angels) with extensive insights (and 5 years of on the ground experience) in to distributing digital content through offline channels, in the piracy infested Indian market.

I have written an article "The Holy grail of Content on Demand" in Voice and Data magazine" a few years ago.

Ramkumar R S