Best of Breeze - A Love story in Poetry

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by Ramkumar RS on Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Perform (Read) Poems on Love and Romance by Ramkumar R S


Before Sulekha became a blog, when it was a peer reviewed e-zine, I wrote a series of poems titled "A Married Indian Falls in Love" and received 1000s of followers. This was later published as a book in Amazon (Breeze).

I would like to read some selected Poems from this collection.

Please refer to the Forward by Anuradha Ananth popular TV Anchor and Film Critic pasted in the Speaker Bio section.



Speaker bio

Forward to Breeze by Anuradha Ananth Popular TV Anchor and Film Critic.

"Breeze-A love story" by Ramkumar R S is a not a linear, conventional love story as the title suggests. It is a set of poems (on a range of themes: friendship, growing up, love, marriage, nostalgia and God to name a few) celebrating the simple joys and complex sorrows that, like warp and weft, form the fabric of life.

In tones that span from playful to ponderous and mirth-filled to melancholic, Ramkumar mediates upon pretty much every mood that each one of us has experienced in life.

The slim book is a breezy read but having said that, one is tempted to re-visit and savour the poems as they strike a chord in your soul and remind you of similar emotions experienced.

Ramkumar wears many hats. CEO, facilitator of Leadership workshops, Bharatnatyam student, yoga practitioner and spiritual seeker. And it is into all these 'loves' that he dips into, to paint rainbow-colours on the canvass of his writing.

Ramkumar says "here is a love story-in a new format-for today's busy executives. I hope reading this love story will make these so-called "busy executives" pause and observe the beauty and complexity of the world and appreciate relationships that are, most usually, taken for granted. Ramkumar succeeds in making the reader pause, take a deep breath and remember the simple joys of life.

Date : Oct 12 2011 Anuradha_Ananth