21st century design - adapting UI for a brave new world

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by sãńdėėp mäkäm (proposing) on Thursday, February 21, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

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This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


adapting UI design & information across multiple devices of our constantly changing world.


computers, smartphones, televisions, ipads, notebooks, net books, tablets, phablets...information in the 21sr century is beamed at us in a multitude of ways and UI design needs a new paradigm. what does it take to survive these new challenges and how does one achieve looking good and being easily accessible at the same time across interfaces?

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looking for a speaker


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    [-] Jaykumar suresh 7 years ago

    Need of the hour!!! Please find an expert.

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    [-] Kshitiz Anand 7 years ago

    Do you intend to have this as a workshop or a lecture ?

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    [-] Jaykumar suresh 7 years ago

    I feel only Adobe can give us a workshop!!! Lecture will be great if its is about core design.


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