I finished making a film, how do I sell it?

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by Sharan Reddy on Thursday, February 21, 2013

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The new filmmaker is a lean hustler, who knows how to tell a story at minimal cost. Learn from the front lines how these filmmakers are getting the largest distribution houses to offer them millions for theatrical releases and some are going the far more profitable and effective route of alternative distribution strategies.


The traditional model of blockbuster stars making a film for many many crore rupees is getting stiff competition from the small, smart filmmaker who has a great story and a hustler mindset.

These filmmakers release films that sometimes take the weekend box office by storm. Some other filmmakers are skipping the theatrical route and raking in vast profits by taking their films to schools and organizations directly (The example of Race To Nowhere which was distributed in over 6000 paid viewings in schools and organizations world wide).

Learn about these new models and what these filmmakers do differently to ensure their films' success.

Speaker bio

Sharan Reddy runs http://indee.tv which is a marketing tool used by some of the largest distribution houses and hundreds of filmmakers world wide.

He gets to experience and help these filmmakers in their various distribution strategies, some of which are failed experiments and others which are spectacular successes.