Webisodes and Mobisodes - Do we have a market?

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by Abishek Bhonsle on Monday, February 25, 2013

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BoF Meet

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Webisodes and Mobisodes are quite popular among audiences in many countries. But is India ready for this format? If yes, what are the technical and non-technical hurdles we'll have to face, if no, how can we prepare our audiences for this format?


Though, in 2008, Rajasri production released a series of mobisodes called, Akbar Birbal Remixed, it's reception by the audience wasn't too big. I believe that, maybe the format was targeted at the wrong audience and maybe the content developed appealed to a restricted set of audience. But if we revive or popularize the format, what sort of audience should we target, what about the quality of the content, who should it appeal to?

Speaker bio

I am Abhishek Bhonsle, I work as a copywriter in Bangalore. I have been involved in theater as a director, actor, set designer and an occasional writer for about 5 years now. I have been a part of two films, AD for a multi-lingual film called "FRAMES", and an actor in a Singaporean film called "Almost Christmas". Apart from movies, I love photography and have held two exhibitions, one in Bangalore and an other in Singapore. I am keen on promoting and developing the Mobisode and Webisode formats in India, and have been tracking the two formats and it's popularity. I would love to throw this topic for a debate at the BOF Meet and see where it goes.