5 stories I must share about the universe!

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by Jaya Ramchandani on Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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When studying astronomy, I learnt some crazy things about our universe -- they dramatically changed my perspectives in life. I'd like to share these keen insights through a vividly visual and easy-peasy talk! They may blow your mind :)


from the top of my head, here goes:

the story of...

  1. the sheer vastness of our universe, and beyond!
  2. how everything is connected, quite elegantly
  3. the waves of life (duality of light, duality of matter)
  4. the unknown universe: a whole 96% of "stuff" we can't see, feel, and touch!
  5. aliens: where are they?

note: stories subject to change depending on the shaping and gaping!


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Speaker bio

I quit my day job as a science editor four years ago to go explore the universe. My time at Leiden University (studying astronomy for two years) in the Netherlands changed the way I saw the cosmos. And changed the way I saw life. Call it an epiphany.

I'm passionate about explaining the best I can to as wide an audience I can garner about the beauty and magnificence about our universe and the subtle yet dramatic relations between energy, matter, and light. I don’t hope to achieve anything more than the passive transfer of knowledge. I very strongly believe in universal learning: learning for anyone and everyone who is asking a question. And am exploring methods every day to take abstract and hard-to-imagine concepts, quantum bubbles included, to the you's and me's of this world, to the old and the young, to the exposed and the underexposed.

The two projects I'm currently working on are 'Universe in a Box', an activity kit to take astronomy to classrooms of 4 to 10 year old children across the world, and 'The Story of Light', an initiative (still in it's nascent imaginings) to teach you and me about the fascinating realm of light in an interactive and engaging manner through activity boxes for schools and exhibitions for the general public.


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    [-] Cindy Gunawan 7 years ago

    Great project Jaya, good luck!!! Love, Cindy

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    [-] paraggandhi 7 years ago

    wish you good luck and Universe in a Box is a great great idea. :)

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    [-] Tofan Fadriansyah 6 years ago

    Good luck!

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    [-] Udhay Shankar 6 years ago

    Can we make this more a demo? Perhaps of your kit? (I am the manager of this track)

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    [-] Jaya Ramchandani 6 years ago

    Hi Uday,

    I thought about a workshop as well. But the kit is designed for 4 to 10 (or max 12) year old children.

    But we're all like children.

    You'd learn some interesting things about the Solar System, Sun, Earth, and Moon :)

  • 1

    [-] Jaya Ramchandani 6 years ago

    Thanks Cindy, Parag, and Tofan :)

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    [-] Shahul Hameed 6 years ago

    Hey Jaya.. its a lovely idea! Good luck!!

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