India, Indians & the elusive Billion Dollar Tech Product Dream!!

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by Akshay Shah on Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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BoF Meet

Technical level


Wanna discuss with the floor on the WHO, WHY & WHEN we Indians will meet our elusive dream of building a TRULY WORLD CLASS BILLION DOLLAR MADE IN INDIA SOFTWARE PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY Company!!!


As all of us are aware that we Indians make great products for the west BUT the billion dollar question dodging all of us is when we will build our very own MADE IN INDIA truly world class Technology Product Company akin to a Microsoft / Apple / Facebook etc?

I will share my pointers to the WHO, WHY & WHEN and then throw it open to the floor and one by one will take perspectives on the WHO, WHY, WHEN to this most elusive dream of every Indian Tech Product Entrepreneur!!!



Speaker bio

Running an Enterprise Software Product tech startup from 2005 onwards amidst the global sharks and am proud to be afloat and swimming :-) #MADEININDIA