designing for rural india

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by sãńdėėp mäkäm (proposing) on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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the true life of India lies in its villages. unique, different and truly distinct yet constantly evolving in their own special way. does rural India need its own brand or style of design. something more appropriate to match their moods, sentiments and styles?


design in India talks to over a billion individuals spread across metros, tier 2 cities and thousands of little villages. is it correct to assume that the same style of design works everywhere? shouldn't design be specific to whom it is talking to? seeking perspectives, opinions and live examples that help understand designing for rural India better.

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    [-] Kshitiz Anand 7 years ago

    I would love to take this up. It's my area of research too and have been working with this for almost 4 years now.

    Based on these experiences, I am going to be presenting a paper at the upcoming DDEI Conference on this too titled "A framework for teaching Design for Social Impact" . I run a non-profit project around this too.
    I have spoken about this and taken numerous workshops around the same at colleges (IIT Guwahati, LÉcole de Design Nantes Atlantique) , corporates (Mindtree, Infosys) and at design conferences (IHCI, TEDxMANIT)

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