How to get started with your startup?

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by Mohit Pawar on Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Session type

Technical level


Help folks who have been waiting on fringes. For lack of money, ideas or fear of loss of the current cushion. Attendees will get ideas and motivation to get started soon after they attend.


  • Why people do not start on their own.
  • How to remove reasons of not starting - one by one.
  • Where to get help
  • What not to think about while starting up
  • What to think about when starting up
  • What is in a name?
  • Sharing or keep it discreet
  • How to set right motive


  • An open mind
  • Backing reading, writing skills
  • Hacking skills or access to a hacker - for those who want to build in tech space
  • Willingness to put extra effort
  • Not too shy to ask for help when needed

Speaker bio

  • I started my first business project as a teenager, and have been hustling since .
  • My current project hub is at
  • I am genuinely willing to help those around - and have keen interest about - and good experience with the topic.
  • I recently worked with Derek Sivers on upcoming "Entrepreneurship guide to India". Here is what he shared about my work -
  • Longer version is here -


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    [-] prajyot mainkar 7 years ago

    Mohit is a wonderful speaker. Know him since past 3 years and his contribution to startups and as a mentor is noteworthy :)

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    [-] Mohit Pawar 7 years ago

    Thanks Prajyot. Looking forward to see you, and share bits that I know with all :)

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    [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago


    We have confirmed the session, but would like for it to be a lightning talk which means you have 5-6 means for the talk. Confirm if you accept. We will be more than happy to help you sharpen the talk. Just reach out to us.

    Good luck and look forward to your talk.


    • 1

      [-] Mohit Pawar 7 years ago

      Thanks Vijay.

      Regrets, I will not be able to make it. Please remove my session details.

      Best of luck to you and everyone involved. Look forward to see you at the next opportunity.


      • 1

        [-] Vijay Anand 7 years ago

        Done. Thanks for letting us know at the earliest.

        • 1

          [-] Mohit Pawar 7 years ago

          Sure Vijay. That's the least I could do.

          Thanks for your help. Wish this to be super successful. The line-up and venue looks fab. To a great one.

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