relevance of folk art in the 20th century

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by sãńdėėp mäkäm (proposing) on Thursday, February 28, 2013

Visual Arts + Design

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to understand, discuss and rediscover the power and impact of folk art and its relevance in the design processes of today. to evolve new methods of using folk art in contemporary design and ensuring the preservation of ancient arts in the rapidly evolving modern day society.


madhubani paintings, warli design, thanjavur paintings, Islamic calligraphy...India is the land of innumerable arts and cultures that are each special in their own unique way. this session aims to discuss how relevant these arts are in today's day and how they could be tweaked or used effectively while preserving their origins.


a point of view, history of evolution of folk arts, examples of how folk art can still be used effectively and to demonstrate the relevance of folk arts in modern day design.

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