Entrepreneurship opportunities for the Non Urban

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by Vinoth Kumar (proposing) on Monday, December 9, 2013

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Identify ways to bring new ideas from non urban youths and help them implement their ideas in real time, including non tech.


From my experience i have seen many urban people have ideas, but very few try to implement that, of course there will be lots of reasons for them not to try their ideas. Considering the exposure and opportunities the Urban youths have, I strongly feel they need very little support.

But when we take the non urban youths, who studies in a normal college or even dont have proper education but have very good ideas with them and these guys are sure to get onto the street to prove themselves. Irrespective of whether the idea is Tech or Non tech there should be a way to support them in real time. Its not about monetary support alone, what I'm talking is to give them the supportive hand kind of support we get to hear our ideas.

Im sure if we can address this, we are really creating jobs, as major chunk of population is Non urban.


Im looking for participants to comes up with cost effective solution for the problem stated.

Speaker bio

Im a serial entrepreneur with hands on experience in both Failure and Success. Though im from Chennai, faced lot of hick ups in implementing my ideas or to get a hands on Mentor. In simple words know the pain from the bottom line.