What's stopping Young India... What's stopping me!

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by Arpit Sarda on Monday, December 9, 2013


Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


Human Mind... such a creative Idea producing Machine.
But where do max of these ideas end up ... Lost somewhere.
U have a big Idea.. Great.. Even i have one ... now what!!??
Even i am in confusion. What can be the cause A) Lack of opportunities B) Lack of resources C) .. D)......
Or I am the only reason.
What is stopping me to come on the front stage and share my thoughts, What is it...
If we are not going Step up today then when?


Small Lecture cum Discussion cum Lighting Talk cum ""Please_Listen_to_an_Average_Indian_Engineering_Student_who_is_worried_,afraid_and_concern_about_his_future"" Lighting Talk.

I ll be the one who will be talking but audience will be the one who will be lightning and guiding me and students like me.


Bring your Mind along with Body and help me use it.

Speaker bio

Who am I??
Just another Indian Engineering college guy, cursing engineering sitting in my hostel room and thinking that i am meant for something big and i will show the world when i get a chance.

That do not narrow down anything about my personality because that's the story of 50%+ Indian Engineering Students.
So who am I? I am No one Special, neither have i achieved something Big in life, Just an Undergrad from Bits Goa.. But to add to people expectations i also say that i am an Undergrad in Computer Science from Bits Goa. After Completing almost 1.5 years in one of the prestigious college of India, what have i learned in real? or it's just me at the same level of 10+2. Help me know Myself.


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    [-] hittudiv .mantrala 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

    aah i recognized the Bits slang. u went a little philosophical there :P

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