How artificial intelligence would bring the era of technology 2.0

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by Divij Vaidya (proposing) on Monday, December 9, 2013

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Technical level

This is a proposal requesting for someone to speak on this topic. If you’d like to speak, leave a comment.


Have you ever thought :-
1. Where would the limit of technology stop?
2. What is practically feasible given the current state of computing machines today which are processing humongous amount of information?
3. What role would computers play in future to make our lives simpler & better?
4. How are machines able to exhibit logic like humans do?

If you confirm to any of the questions above, this session is for you.


  1. The motivation of the talk is to introduce the audience to the endless possibilities that computers give us to improve our lives.
  2. Introduction to sciences called artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. These fields have been inspired from our surroundings and day to day lives.
  3. Their usage and usability that exists today across multiple fields.
  4. Their potential by giving a small use case example taken on-the-spot from the audience.
  5. Develop an understanding on how these concepts work at machine level.
  6. Guide the audience towards a direction where they are themselves able to imagine computer science applications that would be a part of our future.


Open mind and dreamy eyes to imagine the future with technology 2.0

Speaker bio

I would not be attending the event but hoping someone would speak on the topic. Very few people understand the potential of artificial intelligence outside the computer science community. I want to help people understand scope of such sciences and their potential to revolutionize the future.


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    [-] hrishikesh rajpathak 6 years ago (edited 5 years ago)

    Would love to speak on this subject. Often people who are not from CS background think AI is just super intelligent robots the way they are shown in films. While that remains the dream project of every AI scientist, its beauty starts from small everyday problems. People often miss how AI can contribute to their own lives making things simpler, better and more beautiful. I have worked on different technologies like Neuromazes for robotics to machine learning and NLP. Would love to share my experiences.

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    [-] hittudiv .mantrala 5 years ago

    am an AI guy. would love to add my insights to the discussion. finished a couple of courses on AI from coursera and its my dream since the last 10 years.. have spent countless hours with friends discussing about AI and can share our own findings.

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