The Food Industry and Labelling

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by Jeeva Anna George on Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Labelling is a huge crisis in the Indian Food Industry. Stringent Laws are not in place. As a consequence people with allergies intolerances suffer. Ingredient Labelling should be compulsory to start off the next wave of Allergen Labelling. Very few Indian Cos FMCG's list Allergens today. Is there a way out? How do we get the Industry to push this and make India a safer place to live for everyone. We need to know what we are eating. " Let Food be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates


A talk on what are the current policies in India. What should one what watch out for?
Labelling is it important , is it stringent in India?

Way Forward and a look at Other models in countries like the US FDA etc.

Speaker bio

Jeeva Anna George an Economist by qualification but now runs Jeeva, - A Gluten Free Venture. Her Passionis to Drive Awareness on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in India. As a Celiac or as a Person with Celiac Disease in India - she understands the challenges and hopes to improve the nightmare of living with Celiac in India. To her Gluten Free is not a Fad or an Allergy it is an Auto Immune Disorder which currently has no Cure in the World. The Only way out to control this is by Being on A Gluten Free Diet for the rest of one's life. This Disease now affects almost 1% of Indians but many are yet undiagnosed.

She is a part of the Celiac Society of Delhi and has been promoting awarenes on Food, Food Labelling and Celiac Disease effectively since 2 years.

Her Research background has led to connect with Celiacs, Doctors and Gluten Free advocates worldover. Her personal experience and her research on this industry is what drives her passion to talk about this.

You can see more of her work at or .]


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    [-] Vijay Anand 6 years ago

    Ansoo Gupta (@ansoogupta) did a talk very similar to this in TGP 2013.

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    [-] Jeeva Anna George 6 years ago

    Thanks. Will check it out. The Way forward is what is important though.

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      [-] Ansoo Gupta 6 years ago (edited 6 years ago)

      Dear Jeeva, i am not a nutritionist or a food-industry professional. I am an average, urban, home-kitchen manager. But i am concerned about what we eat and hence i have researched food topics in great details. I have a strong distaste for the processed junk that we are being made to eat :-)

      I spoke on a similar topic at last TGP "Is Our Food Eating Us Up?" (more details here :

      My talk last year was more to reveal the food corporates' shenanigans and how we can counter their onslaught by growing and cooking our food ; and generally minding what are we eating and where is it coming from.

      A lot needs to be done to raise this awareness. I am happy to collaborate with you / support you on this topic as speaker, co-speaker, moderator, panelist whatever you say :-)

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        [-] Jeeva George 6 years ago

        I am game. my research and work involves allergen labeling and food and its relation to auto immune disorders.

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    [-] Zeenath Hasan 6 years ago

    As a sustainability practitioner and consumer of perishable produce of Indian origin in Sweden, it irks me that I cannot vouch for the ecological quotient of the products for my family and clients. My commercial and personal motivations aside, I look forward for your talk to unfold the underlying crises of irresponsible labelling. Namely to underline the crisis of obfuscation, and more damagingly perhaps, the crisis of causation, for instance - obesity epidemics.

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