Ecstasy of missing deadlines

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by Kumar Dipanshu on Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

Session type
Lightning Talk

Technical level


  • Breaking the conventional notion about 'deadlines'
  • Understanding 'Fantasy', 'Stakes', & 'Initial impediment' while working
  • Providing 'momentum' to First Success
  • Segregating work & working conditions
  • Making procrastination guilt-free
  • Controlling vicious circle of 'Motivation' & 'Determination'
  • Identifying 'benefits' out of your goals


People have goals / aspirations that they want to accomplish. Too bad, few of us translate them into action. The challenge is most of the cases either we are alone; or don't have people with similar aspirations. While information is umpteen; experience sharing between community of like minded people is segregated / missing.

The session will be an opportunity for the people to gain insight into 'Psychological Model' of our task processing abilities. The areas which needs to be identified, understood & worked upon. A talk that would compel its listeners to get back to their unfinished dreams/aspirations/goals & accomplish it!

Speaker bio

Kumar Dipanshu
Co-founder, GetEchoed

Envisioned & created world's first social platform to accomplish goals- Big or small. Helping thousands of people around the globe to commit to their dreams & aspirations & leveraging community's experience to realize their own. A philanthropist & explorer, listening & talking to people through blogs, chats, videos to overcome the apprehensions about their dreams.

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Twitter: @kdipanshu