Re:Learn The Modern way

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by Ankit Sancheti on Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Lightning Talk

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Here is an idea which describes some (One) of the new ways to make education more effective in Schools for less-privileged children. This will be basically done by exposing the students to the outside world.


Re:Learn The Modern way
This session aims to open roads in which education can be relooked at.

The main focus is how to make learning more effective in low-income schools especially for the less-privileged students.

Learning can be done in many ways. But, The most important way to do is Learning by doing and Learning by seeing things.

This Idea throws light upon how the students can Re:Learn what they have learnt at the school. The best way is visiting places, seeing things and doing things.

[More details to be presented at the session]



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I am Ankit Sancheti. I love children and sometimes feel like giving them things they dream of or atleast try doing so.
I love graphic design, creating something new.

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