Medical examination, potency tests and other "proofs" of rape.

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by Rashi on Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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Technical level


1. What is sexual assault?
2. Is it the same as rape?
3. What are the laws relating to them?
4. What the responsibilities of different stakeholders - police, hospital, judiciary?
5. What can you do if you/ someone you know gets assaulted?
6. What does medical evidence say? Can medical evidence prove rape? What is potency test?


This session will examine the new laws relating to sexual assault, review what the responsibilities and duties of the different stakeholders. Also, what does one do if someone you know is victimised.

Speaker bio

A masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration. Currently working as a research associate on the violence against women project of CEHAT, an organisation that works in health and activism.


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