Why dating/ marrying a girl is great for business

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by Sonic Prabhudesai on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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To bring out some great insights into how the women in our lives - wives or girlfriends - make you a better person, help you build great businesses and also teaching you a lot.

There is a myth in the start up community - If you are building a company you have to focus on your start up and dating someone might become a distraction. The objective is to break this though process. The objective is to get the woman's perspective into what you are building and doing so because there is no one else better than your better half who can teach you what they can, when they're involved.

It is, essentially, a light talk where everyone will relate to what I am saying and realise things that we might normally overlook.


The session is going to be my perspective and my story with respect to building Campus Diaries and how the time I spent with my girlfriend played an important role in all of us scaling so heavily along partners, deals, business and sales.

The talk will be experiential, where I will take the audience through my journey and the traits of women that help you become a brilliant salesman. Here are the points that I will cover - each of which has a story behind it.

They get so upset when you put something to them in a wrong way - that you learn to pick and choose words carefully. You think, analyse and then talk. You learn to sit down, listen carefully and pick up what is necessary. You develop tremendous amount of patience.
You learn to agree to disagree.
Because they are very difficult to convince you go to any level to make it work. Teaches you a lot when you are looking for that one paying customer or when you have to convince that investor about why you are building something great.
You learn to learn quick and on the go.
They bring you back to the ground - This is super important. No matter how big you are, they have seen you at your worst and they will bring you back to ground. This helps in keeping you in check with reality.
EGO management
They're not so easy to convince - This helped me build one of the most brilliant associations with UBER.
I am also in the process of curating the same on a greater level.


An open humorous mind with the will to interact and participate.

Speaker bio

His parents decided to call him Sonic. Yes, he already has an insanely cool name.

A Engineering graduate from engineering at BMSIT, Sonic has been a leader since he was a little baby hedgehog. Heading business development, community management and more than a gazillion small and big teams and groups, Sonic is the kind of guy who will listen to the problem, smile at you, and make sure the job is done - whether it is taking care of a digital marketing campaign or bringing people from four corners of the country (and more) onto one common ground.

Sonic is an avid photographer and is excited about building a project that connects millions of people and stories on day. Oh, and did we say that he is a national badminton player? Yeah, he does that too, after he does all this, he picks up a racket, and plays for India.

If he can manage to strike a deal with a partner to sell magazines through autos in a city - he can really move the market.

In the last one year he has closed some of the biggest deals for Campus Diaries in terms of brand outreach may it be from TedxGateway to Red Bull.

Campus Diaries is being built as an expression platform, bringing together creative minds of the country from their campuses to one platform. It is the biggest social publishing platform built out of India. One of the offshoots from the web platform is a Pan India magazine which goes to over 250 campuses and 16 cities.