Make and Help Billions (BHAG Rapid Innovation in Govt)

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by Sanjay Bhargava on Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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India needs complex social problems solved ( BHAG - Big Hairy Ambitious Goals ) using rapid innovation like Silicon Valley start ups use.
These days websites like enable anyone to be an innovator. You can help India and yourselves by participating in this discussion moderated by me.


Youth are the future of India. What stops them from providing world class solutions that help billions in India and the world. Companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal have helped billions and made billions for their shareholders. Sanjay and Anita were both early employees at PayPal and Sanjay has used BHAG ( Big Hairy Ambitious Goal) thinking and rapid innovation thinking to build large businesses rapidly in India, Thailand and USA. This workshop will explore three acronyms IIC,AMC and IBDC to provoke thought. Sanjay and Anita hope to inspire some people in the audience to use the ideas they present or come up with their own ideas to transform India. The workshop will end with a role play on how to make Delhi slumfree in three years by 2016. The slumfree dream is not fiction or an empty promise like ex President Pratibha Patil made in 2009 of a slumfree India by 2014. After the role play you may want to join the Delhi experiment if you live in Delhi or try it in other urban centres.


To be selected as a panel member you will need to send an email to me and do some pre reading plus have a quick phone conversation with me. You have to email me at with subject Goa Project - BHAG Panel giving me a brief bio and why you want to be on the panel

Speaker bio

Sanjay Bhargava is a pro bono Innovation coach at HUDCO . He is a gold medallist from IIM – Ahmedabad (1980) . Sanjay has used BHAG Rapid Innovation in three countries in three different businesses. He was on the founding team of PayPal ( online payment leader moving $200 billion plus annually) . From 1989-1993 he grew the custodial services business for Citibank in Thailand from 1% market share to 36% market share. From 1985-1999 he grew the corporate cash management business for Citibank in India to a 95% market share. Citibank moved 5% of India’s GDP at that time even though it had only 6 branches in four cities.

Anita Bhargava’s last job was heading the data warehousing group in PayPal in Silicon Valley. After returning to India, she decided to just have fun, but fun got boring and slowly one thing led to another, and today, she has a power of attorney to be the MLA of Rajouri in Delhi.


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    Sanjay, please add links to your LI and other social media pages as well.

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