Let's talk 3D Printing

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by Surendranath Reddy on Friday, December 20, 2013

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Technical level


You get to know..

  • What 3D Printing is.
  • What it means for you.
  • How 3D printing has evolved recently.
  • How 3D Printing is changing everything around you.
  • What's so special about February 2014 and 3D Printing.


This is about an awesome technology that can potentially take creativity out of an illustrative canvas and make it come live in the physical world.

Art, Science, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Fashion Medicine, Space, whatever.... You name a field and 3D Printing can change the way it is..!

Ladies & Gentleman, This session would be a walk through 3D Printing..!


Usual PA systems + a table for a 3D printer

Speaker bio

Surendranath Reddy (CEO of Redd Robotics & 3D-ing)

If you were at The Goa Project last year, you'd know him already: the one who gave an awesome talk about "Robots, Internet of Things & the future". Since then, he has explored various other technologies like Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Renewable Energy & 3D Printing, all the while with one primary goal of taking advanced tech to the common man!

He's pretty active on Facebook and here's a link to his profile: www.facebook.com/reddyysnr