Education as a complex system

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by Arvind Ilamaran on Friday, December 20, 2013


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Technical level


To explain the nature of education as a complex system using the principles of complexity science. And discuss the consequence of the change in perspective.


Education today is seen as a complicated system. This interpretation dictates the nature of questions asked, system of governance designed and incentives put in place. But education is a complex system along the lines defined in the complexity science. This will lead to a compete overhaul of the way we understand education and how education policies need to be designed.



Speaker bio

I am a Research Associate with Center for Civil Society. Also Policy Officer, International Relations Team, Youth for Policy and Dialogue. A graduate of the GCPP of Takshashila Institution. Previously employed with ONGC Petro additions Limited.

I work in education policy and have had a long passion for complexity science from my engineering days. My final year project was using Chaos theory. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate the conceptual overlap between education as a system and complex systems in general. It is my view that this will require a serious shift from our current understanding. And I wish to convey the same to the audience at large.