The art of listening, and maybe, recording

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by Anand Krishnamoorthi on Friday, December 20, 2013


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Just drop what you are doing right now, close your eyes for a minute and listen to all the sounds around you. If you are intrigued, try doing the same thing the next time to step onto the street, or the next time you go on holiday. Capturing and sharing images has become an almost automatic process with today's technology, but what about listening and recording? This lecture should introduce the audience to the art of field recording, or at least better understand of one of the first senses we ever developed and then for the most part took for granted.


As an professional sound recordist, I can explain the theory of how human beings hear, listen, and respond to sounds. The session can also feature my own recordings of various soundscapes. These include natural ambiances, urban and rural soundscapes, bioacoustics, human speech patterns etc. I also intend to give a quick overview of how to record in the field, and sum up with a non-judgemental (as much as possible) appraisal of our everyday listening environments with a brief on acoustic ecology.


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I'm a professional sound recordist and editor. I work primarily in the movies. I also teach sound at filmschools. I've worked in varied geographic and climatic conditions around the world, and by extension varied sound environments. I love to listen, and if necessary, record.