Backpacking in India Part 2: Indians Traveling Solo in India

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by Anannya Deb on Friday, December 20, 2013

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At the last TGP, I did a session on Backpacking in India and touched upon the general idea of traveling around in India with a backpacker mode of mind.

One year later, with more thought and some more miles covered, there are a few ideas I have to share on the subject in general and specifically to the rare breed of travelers - solo Indians.

This session will some 3-4 ideas and practices which Indian backpackers can consider so that they can make their travels that much more enjoyable and enriching.

Most importantly, there are many people diffident about traveling along and knowingly compromise on expressing themselves by getting stuck in large, noisy group travel. I hope to trigger them with some simple ways to get up and go..


The broad structure of the session will be as follows

a. 5 key practices when traveling solo in India with the objective of getting an enriching experience (somethings that I have developed over time and which generally ensures that I never come back home disappointed or feel I have wasted my time traveling).

b. 4 fun solo travel "projects" in India: Based on some personal experiences and chats with friends, these projects are like long term expeditions which you can slowly complete over time. (I will not use the term Bucket List as is common in such lists.)

c. 3 steps to getting started: Busy work schedules, responsibilities at home, it is quite easy to look enviously at all those young foreigners who simply take off on a sabbatical or a gap year or simply quit their jobs to travel. Fret not, without having to quit your job, without having to figure which friend is traveling where and whether you can gatecrash that party, here are 3 steps which you can take yourself to get started on the travel binge.


As of now, everyone is invited and they can come as they are.

Speaker bio

Based in Mumbai, I work at Illumine Knowledge Resources Pvt Ltd. where I work in designing knowledge models and products for changing the way humans interact and engage with each other in corporate, social and personal environments.

My traveling activities include both work-related and leisure-related. I have been traveling solo across India for over 7 years now.


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