Bitcoins and the underlying economy

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by hittudiv .mantrala on Monday, December 23, 2013

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Lightning Talk

Technical level


To help the audience get a basic understanding of bitcoin and the underlying economy.


You must have heard the term Bitcoin a lot these days over internet. But there must be many staggering doubts in your mind about it and you might want to know the answers. like the following,

Whats a crypto currency? What is bitcoin? Whats Bitcoin mining.

How can it influence the future in either ways - both positive and negative. What is the security for a Bitcoin? From what does the bitcoin derive its value (underlying assets)? Will it affect country's economies?

Discussion about the volatility , and where its heading, and the future of other crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Devcoin and so on..)

and more importantly, a few business ideas for entrepreneurs on building a businesses over crypto currencies.


A very basic understanding of finance, and how money works. (I am not planning to tell algorithms etc, that discusion can be taken offline.)

Speaker bio

As a bitcoin trader for the last 1 year, i dwelled more into the underlying economy of the bitcoin when i was free. I was cofounder of a company which was funded by Tlabs, but shutdown an year ago. Now, I build awesome products at Capillary technologies. I am a hardcore techie and i love to learn new technologies and use them for my projects.

My life time aim is to build a humanoid with Intelligence , which should be able to do whatever i do, and more.