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by Pratima Chabbi on Monday, December 23, 2013

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To create a physical space and program that celebrates the art of preparing food through experimental practices of food artists from around the nation, and world.


Food is art – it continuously evolves and goes through layers of transitions but its root have always stayed strong in its place of origination. So much so, local flavors and ingredients of the season were used and sourced by our mothers, grandmothers, fathers and now, new-age chefs. This indicates that it is and always will be an amalgamation of the past, present and the future. And it is the intention of this personal project of mine to bring these stories and experiences to a space – a physical, communal space within the bounds of Goa.

This space will celebrate the creation of food; it will celebrate its historical relevance, traditions and cultures tied to it that have managed to leave a lasting impact on our culinary experiences. More, than anything it is a space that celebrates eating, bringing people together to enjoy and open up to a multi sensory experience - drawing on flavour and aroma, contrasts to texture and temperature, visual appearance, sound as well as memories, nostalgia and associations. Food artists such as chefs will play a big role in ‘owning’ the space and making their food dreams come through. More details on this will be provided in the pitch.

In a nutshell, this talk will include the background work, vision of the space, the working model, and the various stakeholders required to collaborate on this project.



Speaker bio

For the past three years, Pratima Chabbi has been writing articles and working on collaborative projects on topics where food, art and culture intersect: on our plates; in our homes, cities, galleries and events; and in the culture around us.

She also writes fictionalized food stories inspired by her childhood memories on her blog Zoetic. She has done work for Time Out, Bangalore (reviews and previews of art shows, and conceptualize/write feature stories); Food Lovers magazine (contributing writer); and BBC Good Food India (review restaurants, old institutions and books, and conduct Q&As with Bangalore's leading chefs).She has also covered art shows, critiqued restaurants and interviewed the city's leading artists for local dailies Bangalore Mirror and Times of India.

Her experience extends to consulting for two pan-India market-research projects: All India Dining Scenario; and Current Coffee Chain Market in India to gain in-depth understanding about the evolution of food, taste and culinary traditions, both old and new. This in turn revealed to her how food is emblematic of a city’s culture, and how India’s unceasing tide of migrations, assimilation's and conquests has fostered our rich food diversity, one that blends the old and the new.

In addition,her four years in the media industry included strategy, planning and implementation of campaigns through multi-media routes. She managed projects for leading brands across the banking, media, FMCG and non-profit sectors in India, including a renewable energy start-up and a street dog care centre.

Her educational background covers Arts and Literature, Hotel Administration and Food Technology at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, and Editorial Writing and Photography at The New School, New York.


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    [-] shruti Bhatnagar 6 years ago

    Sounds SUPER!!!

  • 1

    [-] jenny rowe 6 years ago

    Wow sounds great this venture... all the best've finally done it gone out there to dare....

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    [-] Karuna Prayag Bennur 6 years ago

    Hey sounds very interesting. Wish you all the very best.

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    [-] krishnan venkateshwaran 6 years ago

    Good luck...

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    [-] Anjali Prayag 6 years ago

    Hey, whatalovely idea... Food is interesting always and food ideas such as these are awesome.. Good luck..

  • 1

    [-] Azikiwe Calhoun 6 years ago

    very excited about this idea, I will pass the word on!

  • 1

    [-] Kapil Pant 6 years ago

    Super efforts..all the very best

  • 1

    [-] Kalyani Murti 6 years ago

    All the best Puttiii!!! So excited! All my wishes! Looks interesting..great job!

  • 1

    [-] Fred Farout 6 years ago

    Love, light and 'May The Force b with U' :) mwah

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    [-] Dexter Roche 6 years ago

    All the best Putti! You've got the ball rolling.

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