Humanizing Entrepreneurship

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by Gokul Nath Sridhar on Wednesday, December 25, 2013

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To understand that there is something more to starting up than a multi-million dollar exit.


We are all told to solve a problem that people would pay for. Therefore, we are focused very much on building companies with the hope of multi-billion exits in terms of acquisitions, IPOs, etc.

While there is nothing wrong in trying to secure an exit with a fat cheque, I believe there is something more to entrepreneurship. What if we focused on making something more than money? What if we embodied the true spirit of starting up -- making people's lives better -- and made THAT our primary focus? What if "exit strategy" takes a back seat?

It's time we understand that human value-adds are more precious than monetary ones.


An open mind, and the ability to think of $$$ less.

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As an early adopter of technology, I often come across new products, some of which entice me and some of which don't. The ones that do, inevitably and unequivocally have a human touch to them -- the designs of Apple, Tea Trunk, etc. These are products that I would gladly pay a premium price for -- because they're humanized.

Additionally, as the founder of a startup that borders on the social space of the consumer web, I believe I understand people, and hence, the need for a human touch in whatever we build.