Happy Sadness

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by Ankush Samant on Thursday, December 26, 2013


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When was the last time that you were sad, dejected, angry, sorrow, gloomy, depressed and almost on the edge of misery? What did you think at that time? "God! Where has all the happiness gone?! When will this get over??!"

But, did you ever think, "Sadness is good for me! It helps me understand myself and the world I am living in!"

Welcome to my journey as I discover myself and look forward to sadness as much as the happiness in life...and I welcome you all to share your own happy sad experiences.


What is 'happy sadness'? Why does happiness last for so less a span of time and sadness prolongs till eternity; or so it seems? And even when we are happy, really happy, we become sad thinking of the fact that this happiness will be over in some time. Why do we think of sadness as such a negative energy?

Once, whenever I used to get sad I used to think that it was the end of the world. As if tomorrow will be worse than today. And then I realized something. I started following a path that lead me to the world of happy sadness.

To begin with I will show you the path that lead me to the world of happy sadness. I will talk about the tools I used to follow this path:
- Pen - Paper - Mobile Phone - Camera - Brush - Watercolors - Acrylics - Football - Cafes - Bike - Sea ...

Further, I look forward to hear out experiences from all of you. All this in the hope that eventually we will all be able to reach the world of happy sadness.


Everyone of you!

Speaker bio

I am Ankush. I am walking, sometimes running and at other times standing on crossroads in life. I am not on a journey called life but inside a maze called evolution. And I want to evolve in this single life time. I want to break all shackles, I don't know of any limits. I just want to speed my way to my destination. I am simply ignorant.

I was a tiny spark buried under the ashes. But today, I am a raging fire. My soul told me that I am neither more than a pygmy, nor less than a giant!

I love football, traveling, writing, reading, contemplating, photography and meeting new people. I am an engineer and management professional by education and currently working as an Observant Explorer at ICE (http://ice.humanfactors.com/)


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    [-] Swathi Ravichandran 6 years ago

    This project sounds very exciting. Also, it creates a perspective to treat happiness and sadness in a similar fashion.

    On a parallel note, the author/speaker is extremely creative. One should definitely look up at all these links provided here. Each one of them are very unique and completely worth it.

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    [-] ojas vyas 6 years ago

    so true!! living is so much more exciting with a sadness that can hear the depths of our being...

    looking forward to the 'Happy Sadness' to bring together people.. their joys...along with their sorrows to discover newer milestones

    • 1

      [-] Ankush Samant 6 years ago

      Yes, very well said! Hearing the depths of our being is the best song we can ever listen to!

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    [-] Kavita Kalra 6 years ago

    Good effort. The best part is your never ending motivation for everything you do. Keep up the good work !

    • 1

      [-] Ankush Samant 6 years ago

      Kavita, thanks a lot! Your encouragement is a big part of my motivation! :)

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    [-] Mathivanan Rajendran 6 years ago

    Looking forward to it Ankush Samant!

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    [-] Apala Lahiri Chavan 6 years ago

    very cool, ankush...just voted!

  • 1

    [-] Raghavendra Satish Peri 6 years ago

    would love to attend this...nice topic ankush

    • 1

      [-] Ankush Samant 6 years ago

      Thanks Raghavendra. Will look forward to see you if this gets realized.

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    [-] Jubin Mehta 6 years ago

    Wow, look at the requirements for something I proposed: http://funnel.thegoaproject.com/2014/221-6-months-of-living-in-a-village-in-the-himalayas This is such a sweet coincidence! :)

  • 1

    [-] Sharmistha 6 years ago

    Very interesting Ankush!

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