How to make movies in the digital era at low cost - a cinematographer's perspective

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by siddhartha nuni on Friday, December 27, 2013

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The lecture is aimed at aspiring film makers who want to make use of digital technology to tell their stories effectively and cost effectively. A case study of Lucia - where a Canon DSLR was used to create a large canvas of dreams of reality.


Movie making has simplified over the past three to four years with the foray of the digital SLR into videography and thus mainstream films(in case of Lucia and some other films). Some film makers have succeeded in making of use of the low cost digital cameras to make films at uber low budgets and make it look like nothing less than a multi-crore film. The lecture aims at demystifying digital cinematography and how it help cut down your budgets by a lot without compromising on the quality and enhance your film into a world class product.

Speaker bio

Siddhartha Nuni is the cinematographer for the award winning crowd funded kannada film ' Lucia'. Siddhartha has learnt cinematography from Mr. Rajiv menon at his film school, Mindscreen in Chennai in 2007. Siddhartha graduated from the prestigious IIT Madras in 2005. He runs a production house called 357 Films and has a varied list of clientele like Mahindra holidays, Nippo, Compass group, Hindustan University etc. He has worked on the on-set VFX crew of 'Life of Pi'.


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    [-] Mathivanan Rajendran 6 years ago

    Looking forward to this Nuni!

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    [-] Pramod 6 years ago

    You have my vote! I'm looking forward to this too. I've proposed a workshop on vaguely similar ideas but I'm as excited for yours as I am for my own :)

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