Indian mumblecore filmmaking 101- Making a film when you have little or no money

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by Aniket Dasgupta on Friday, December 27, 2013

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So you want to make a film?

But you have no money and aren't related to anyone remotely related to the film industry...what would you do?

The answer is stay away- making films isn't good for your health.

But if you are someone like me and you like the idea of making films.

This is meant for you. More so if you have no money.


Join me as I talk about my "adventures" making The Other Way- an indie documentary on Indian independent filmmakers.

How we made it happen? Who gave us the money (hint: crowdfunding)
Why we are doing it? Should films like this even be made? How did I get music licenses for the film? Is filmmaking really democratic?

More importantly learn from my mistakes.


Partial sobriety.
Love for the speaker.(fake love will do)

Speaker bio

Aniket Dasgupta has been making films since the age of 16.He is the founder of the a counter culture e-zine and freelances as a web designer and graphic designer when he is not busy making films and videos.

He is currently working on the post production of his documentary The Other Way and the pre-production of a fiction web-series based in Bangalore.