Engineer or an Entrepreneur: The two roles of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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by Priya Kuber on Saturday, December 28, 2013

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Technical level


To share experiences from my life as a crossover between engineer to a business woman in the face of competition.

Being a do-good-for-all engineer, v/s the I-want-to-make-profit businesswoman has taken some strategy which would be shared at The goa project 2014.


The skill sets required to be a good engineer is pretty different from the ones needed to be a good entrepreneur. When to say a silent 'No' to yourself trying to make the product better and better, while making a tech product release within a deadline. What makes a good entrepreneur great? And how to think like an engineer at the same time make profit for your startup like a true businesswoman in the face of a competition? In this world of smartphones and quick tech apps, how to survive? When to switch the hats?

My talk would explore the various roles I had to play in heading a tech company. With only a background in engineering, playing the role of being a strategist, business development manager and handling the finances of a startup endorsing an established brand-name; a few hits, misses and lots of fun with a small team, would be shared.



Speaker bio

Priya is the Managing Director of Arduino-India; one of the 3 global offices of the open source hardware platform. She is an enthusiastic hardware hacker with an interest in programming. Her passion is to build a profiting DIY community in India. Her hobbies include reading manga and playing Tae-kwon-do.