Robotics for Everyone

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by Vaibhav Agrawal on Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Technical level


You may get to know about:
-Robotics. -How learning can be fun. -Enabling STEM education.


While we are working on iSTEM- A Educational Robotic Kit, a multipurpose kit which can be used by all age groups ( School Kids and College Students) to learn Robotics, Electronics , Programming & STEM Concepts.
We are trying to build it in such a way that even a non-technical person can use it. Yes, if you are Actor out there even then you can buy the kit for your childern and help them use it.

I would like to get feedback from a well mixed audience of Entrepreneurs and individuals , parents while we are working on iSTEM to roll it out by Summers 2014.


Just the Audience and a Projector

Speaker bio

I am a engineer by chance and founder at Robotech Labs by interest. I have been working on Robotics from 7 Years now.
I have taught more than 20000+ students in 3 years through different workshops and training programs across India.
Now I am working on this cool product iSTEM- Robotics for Everyone