Sound energy management and it's applications in healthcare

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by Karan Sajnani on Sunday, December 29, 2013

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Technical level


Natural and non-medicinal healthcare and relaxation based on sound energy management.
The objective of this session will be to expose people to the concept of preventive healthcare and overcoming health issues without the use of medicines; using only sound energy in a scientific manner.


We are a group that has been researching and studying music and sound energy based on yogic science. During the session we will discuss the concept and potential applications of sound energy management with specific focus on healthcare and destressing (major issues as of today).
Our concept of sound therapy goes beyond the current psychological approach of music therapy, exploring the connections between the human body and music at a subtle level.
We will be discussing the use of various instruments, vocal and raaga to control and change the body functions using sound energy as a medium.


Projector, speakers, possibly one or two volunteers.

Speaker bio

Karan Sajnani -
Director of SATORI : A study & research group focusing on music and sound energy based on ancient yogic science.

Has conducted a number of public and private workshops around the country on topics centered around sound energy management for a variety of audiences including reputed musicians, alternative therapists, medical experts and enthusiasts.

An instrumentalist & musician - proficient with the Classical Guitar, didgeridoo, sound design & synthesis.

Currently working on autism intervention based on sound energy management after conducting a successful pilot study on the same topic.