How to stay optimistic in long startup journey

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by Sushrut Bidwai on Sunday, December 29, 2013

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Lot of startups/entrepreneurs give up far too easily.
I have been an entrerpreneur for more than 7 years now and not much show for it(, at least in the bank). And yet, I have journeyed year after year. Some of the tips I pickedup and how to stay on the course and how to look at entrepreneurship as a 40 year long journery with ou getting discouraged.


People talk about failures and how to do deal with them. And people talk about successes. What one thing is missing is how to sustain through thick and thin over a long period of time. I am solo founder, coming from a non-business family and when I started I did knew I would last this far. I have seen far brighter people, giving up with in 12-18 months. And some how I have survived. For 90 months and counting. This is not my story. But just some tips and advice, I picked up here and there, collecting them and talking about them.

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Entrepreneur and programmer. Currently working on Previously ventures - and


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    [-] Pranay Srinivasan 6 years ago

    This is one session I can definitely identify with. A lot of stories of a lot of failures and a lot of despair. And a lot of what went into it.

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    [-] Rohan Dighe 6 years ago

    Emotional Durability is what i call this! Go for it! Looking forward! :)

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