Sales in INDIA, how to be the perfect JUGADU and win DEALS!

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by Rohan Dighe on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Geekery (Science, Tech and Life Hacks)

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Lightning Talk

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To help you master the secrets of selling to INDIAN people! In short how to be a perfect JUGADU!


So, the idea is pretty simple! I am hoping to tell you my story on how a hardcore TECHIE turned into a 100% SELU! Through the journey i will try and tell you the hacks that i learnt on the way, how can you use the so called "jugadu" techniques to find your way out and succeed in this cruel world!

Its about mastering the ART, everything in this world is SALES and i am going to give you that secret forumula to success!

After the talk i am damn sure each of you would be at a level wherein you could sell just about everything, including your mother-in-law!


Well, you should just have the desire to succeed and the mood to learn something new!

Speaker bio

I am the official Jugadu! A hardcore techie who once coded for 16 hrs a day and who hasn't written a line of code in almost a year now.. guess why? Because all I do now is SELL SELL SELL! The official DealMaker (CEO) at a social commerce startup - ViralMint. Scaled the company from 0 to 1000+ customers in less than 9 months! Finally, i am on a journey to make it big! Full Stack Marketer. Obsessed with Pixels & doing more in this life! E-Commerce Growth Hacker & Design FREAK!


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