Starting Up at 17!

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by Siddharth Shetty on Thursday, January 2, 2014

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As they say - "Life is short. Start-Up!" That's a mantra I seem to have imbibed at a rather young age (much to the displeasure of my parents).

I've been working on the creation of a crowdfunding platform for the past 8 months, which we will be launching in the month of January.

You'll get to know about our entire journey right from conceptualising our entire idea to executing it, right from hiring various freelancers to develop our crowdfunding platform all the way to getting a 9 member team (all of whom are much older than me, are from various universities like IIT, etc and are currently in various cities across India) in place.

You'll also get to know about the benefits of "Remote Working" and how to manage your entire team remotely (I still haven't met half of my team members personally :p ).

Also, I'll explain to you the various benefits of crowdfunding your Idea, Project or Cause and the various steps we have taken which no other crowdfunding platform has taken so far, to ensure that your campaign has the maximum chance of success.


This session is basically about how anyone, at any age, no matter what educational background they have, can Start-Up! If I, at 17 can do it, why can't you?

Initially, I'll explain my journey of .... Starting Up! The various ups and downs along the way. How I went from being the Top 3 in my class all the way to the Bottom in a span of a few months. How I "kinda" convinced my parents of my Start-Up Idea. How we managed to create a web platform while I had zero knowledge of "coding". How I managed to get a team in place. The various problems we faced from Payment Gateways, Registering our Company, etc and how we overcame them.

I'll then explain to you the benefits Remote Working has along with some successful examaples of this style of working. I'll also tell you about the various softwares you can use and practices you can implement to manage your Remote Team to ensure that everyone works efficiently and there are no communication gaps.

Finally, I'll tell you about how crowdfunding your Idea, Project or Cause can prove to be extremely beneficial and the various steps we have taken and partnerships we have formed to ensure that your campaign has the maximum chance of becoming a success.



Speaker bio

Siddharth Shetty (Founder & CEO of Fundlined - Still haven't passed 12th Standard!)

(P.S: Our crowdfunding startup - Fundlined - hasn't yet launched. We will be launching in the month of January along with a couple of awesome campaigns.)