Parodesy Noise - 2 years of a remix parody band

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by Krish Ashok on Thursday, January 2, 2014


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I write code and delegate work for a living, but blog, play the Cello, guitar and violin and start internet memes for fun. Some 2 years back, I decided to combine music, humour and memes into a parody remix band named Parodesy Noise, which in Tamil means "Canines of foreign persuasion" along with my good friend Hariflute, who plays most instruments other than the flute.

You can listen to our music here -

What I plan to do at this lecture is take you behind the scenes into the incredibly fun creative process behind how we take A Raja and Niira Radia's voice, combine it with T Rajendar's ire and layer it with the purest of Carnatic classical ragas all because well, have remix tools, will make stuff and put it out on the internet.

You will learn about how remixing works. You will learn to autotune Arnab Goswami to sound like Daft Punk. You will learn to design software musical instruments that sing choice profanities and you will learn how to make formulaic music like mainstream film music directors.

Some basic appreciation of music will make the lecture more accessible but if you are not into the technology or theory of music, you will still enjoy a good laugh.


The session will take you behind the scenes of how we go about making a song. You will learn about how remixing works. You will learn to how to autotune, sample and mix things that you did not think would mix. My aim is to also make the production of music as accessible as writing or painting is to anyone with the interest and inclination. And most importantly, you will learn to enjoy the creative process more than the output.


A funtioning pair of ears and partial consciousness.

Optional: some basic knowledge of music theory and basic ability with digital rodent locomotion.

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I blog here -
I start internet memes. & & several more
This is my own music -
And ofcourse -
I speak regularly on why remixing and humour work better than reading Deepak Chopra books -