Fight or Flight? India vs Indians

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by Avinash Yegyanarayanan on Friday, January 3, 2014


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To identify and understand the thought process of India's citizens from different demographies and practices. Also, to figure out what the hell I really want. Maybe, it'll help a lot of us figure that out too.


As an ordinary citizen, I traverse through the maze of controls which I have to dive into, circumnavigate or grease myself out of on an almost daily basis. I've always been an advocate of staying and fighting on for a nation we were born to. On the other hand, isn't patriotism the vicest of all virtues? What is it apart from chance and lack of protection that put us in this country? How do we owe an allegience to a place we did not choose to be in? I want to raise this topic. Do we stay and fight for our rights or spend our minimal and insignificant time on this planet pursuing our interests in an environment more condusive to our needs and wants.

Speaker bio

An ordinary Indian. I've done volunteering with Bhumi Chennai. Been a debating champion in VIT university. But most of all, I'm at the cusp of flight and my whole being is revolting against it. I guess like many others, I'm in the middle of the India vs Indians war.